Being Productive and Shit

There’s a very real productive way to use the bullshit math approach to business that all the gurus use.

See, if you look into Brendon Burchard’s products, he takes “I can only do this little thing” and builds it up into how you can do fucking incredible shit with that one little thing.

And if you look into Frank Kern’s products, he takes “I want all this expensive shit” and breaks it down into how much all that shit costs. Then he starts dividing it up and saying “here is what you have to do to get there.”

And if you put both of these things together, you can break all the expensive shit you want into little things you can actually accomplish.

But what they don’t say out loud is that neither of these things will get shit done. They’re yardsticks. If you have this little thing, and you want to know what big thing is getting done with it, then you look at the reality of what you are doing and do the math to see where it takes you. And if you want expensive shit, then you look at where it is taking you and say “when does that get me all my expensive shit?”

But Frank and Brendon like to just make shit up. Why, imagine that you had a $297 product. You would just need to make one sale a day, and that would be a hundred thousand dollars a year. You can do that, right? Who can’t do that?

Not so fucking fast. The word “imagine” literally means “make shit up.” What you have here is a prerequisite – first, you have to make a $297 product. And then you have to sell one every single day. Neither one of those things just happens.

But you can use it as a yardstick. If you want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year, you need to sell $297 worth of products on the average day.

So how many products do you sell on the average day, and what do they cost?

Let’s say you’ve got a $7 report that people buy once a week on the average. That’s $1 a day, or $365 a year, and if you divide your desired income by that… you’ll know how many more reports just like that you will need to write.

The key to any of these things is to divide up the thing you need to happen in a way that comes down to something you need to do. And it has to be something you can control.

Let’s take the $297 product idea. Yes, you can make a $297 product. But you can’t sell a copy of it every single day without having a customer who will buy it every single day.

That’s not under your control.

There are things you can make happen, and things you have to let happen. Know the difference, and make the former happen while you let the latter.

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