Does The Warrior Forum Suck?

A lot of people give the Warrior Forum hell for being a crappy place, and honestly, there’s a lot of crappiness there.

Because, you know, there’s a lot of shit going on in general.

Walk into any mall, and most of the stores are bullshit. Here’s a dollar store next to a dollar store. The only difference is that one is owned by the Koreans who also own the “exotic imports” shop down this way, and the other is owned by the Vietnamese who also run the nail salon down that way.

Yeah, yeah, I know. “That’s a stereotype!” Most stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

Personally, I enjoy looking for things in the “exotic imports” shop which are also in the dollar store. There were some faux jade Buddha statues in there for $12 each once. Walk a few storefronts down, and you could buy the same statues for a buck. Remind you of anything?

“My customers don’t know! They’re stupid.”

But the real issue there isn’t that some jackhole shopkeeper is selling the same thing at two different prices. It’s that he understands positioning. Surround a dozen of these statues with other Buddha figurines at varying sizes and price points, your customers will happily pay $12.

Stick a few hundred in a plastic jar on a white formica countertop, and they’ll only pay $1 on an ill-founded impulse.

And that’s what’s going on in the Warrior Forum. The place is still full of quality marketers with quality products, but what’s happened is the WSO forum has gotten overrun by cheap shitty products from cheap shitty people.

People complain that about a hundred WSOs are posted every day, but put that in perspective: it’s pretty much the same two or three hundred people doing it. And while that might seem like a lot, there are about half a million people on the Warrior Forum.

Plus, about a dozen of the WSOs posted on any given day are actually good. And before you say “but that’s only a tiny fraction of the WSOs being posted,” ask yourself this: where else can you find a dozen quality products posted every single day?

So yeah, I know I’m categorising this under “This Shithole of an Industry,” because face it… the industry is a shithole, and the Warrior Forum’s right down in the valley where the shit rolls downhill and collects.

But stop bitching about the shithole for a moment, and marvel just a little at the many quality people who hang out there. Some posting, some lurking, some just putting out the dozen or so quality WSOs that hit the forum on any given day.

They don’t have to hang out in the shithole. Indeed, they could hang out anywhere they wanted. But there they are, being badass right in the middle of all the shit.

That kind of, you know, doesn’t suck at all.

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