Dumbasses and Retards

So let’s move on to the next question, which is why people do this shit.

There are two parts to this answer, and the simple half is that they are fucking stupid.

A lot of that is because they’re young. And youth carries stupidity with it wherever it goes. Young people, by nature, do stupid things. Look around any high school, and everybody is doing something totally fucking stupid.

Do you know what I was doing in high school? Trying to combine hip-hop, punk, goth, and glam culture all at once. So I wore unlaced high-tops, parachute pants, spiked hair, a studded leather jacket, a Union Jack t-shirt, and a hybrid makeup style somewhere between corpsepaint and full-on drag – including false eyelashes and fucking body glitter. You could usually find me in the hallways between classes breakdancing to Def Leppard.

In my defense, I was also taking an awful lot of drugs.

But the issue there is that stupid shit like this never gets you anywhere. It has no lasting value. We’ve got all these people out there who are in a perpetual arms race that goes like this:

Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But you get the idea. Instead of “collect underpants,” it’s more like “locate popular subject.” Then where the question mark goes, you just send emails and try to sell shit with affiliate links. Over and over again. Until people lose interest.

Which may as well be a question mark, because they don’t really have a coherent plan. There’s no competent effort to do anything reasonable here. You’re just converting underpants into profit any way you can.

They’re basically strip mining the fucking niche. Let’s dig in here for money from CPA newbies. Now let’s dig deeper. And deeper. And deeper. Hey, no more CPA newbie money left here, let’s go find another site.

Now, do you know why we don’t really have strip mining operations in the civilised world anymore?

If you answered “because they destroy the environment AND all manner of valuable resources you simply did not happen to be looking for at the time,” you are correct sir!

(Or madam as the case may be.)

What is happening is that these people don’t know what their customer lists will buy, but instead of finding out – perhaps by testing the waters a little with different offers – they just shrug and bullshit their way ahead knowing what little they do already know.

“These people bought a product about X.”

So they recycle the same Goddamn thing over and over again. Here’s another product about the same thing. And another one. And another. None of them are all that different… just enough that customers continue getting just a little out of each one.

Eventually, they get comfortable buying products that are effectively the same, and stop even trying to put them into action. What they do is no longer “build a business,” but “collect products.” And the only way they keep doing it is if they are – and stay – stupid.

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