Editing After Publication: Apologies

I queue up posts several days in advance to be published between nine and ten AM.

Initially, these posts are just “talk about X” and then I go in and actually talk about that subject.

This week, my children have been here unexpectedly. Nobody ever tells me when the kids are coming or how long they will be here, so I’ve had to play dad as much as possible – I don’t get much time for that, so I take all I can get – and I didn’t have an opportunity to plan ahead for it and make sure the posts were queued up.

It’s easy to keep up with social media like Facebook over the course of the day. That’s scanning a feed, clicking some links, and rattling off a quick thought. But I put a bit more than that into my blog posts, which makes them more of a commitment. So a lot of the posts this week have been getting published as “discuss this thing” and then edited into final format hours later.

And right now, I need to go edit two posts into final format because one was supposed to be done yesterday and the other is being published within the hour. But I thought I’d dash off a quick note explaining, just in case anyone was going “WTF” about their RSS feed or something.

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