Gangster, Gangster

So what’s the other half of why people sell shit this way? We know they’re selfish and lazy. We know they’re ignorant. Why else do they do it?

Because people are mean.

There’s this stupid logical leap that people take which is all about what success means. The way you know you’re successful is that you take all the failures and put them in a box, and you’re not in the box.

Or, to put it another way, you know when you have won because everyone else has lost.

Look at every action movie. How does it end? One good guy in a room full of bad guys. Then he kills them all and gets the girl.

It’s not just a guy thing, either. There are plenty of dramas where the woman is surrounded by people who oppress and demean her, and over the course of the movie they all end up meeting some deserved fate – leaving our heroine free to do as she pleases, just like everyone should be.

That’s all well and good as far as it goes, but we’ve exaggerated the living shit out of it over the generations, so instead of Romeo and Juliet pursuing their forbidden love to a tragic end because their families don’t understand… well, today, Romeo would single-handedly tear through the Capulet family like Jet Li on meth using a combination of Krav Maga and the gun kata from that one Christian Bale movie. (Was it Equilibrium? I can’t remember. That seems right, and I’m on a roll so I’m not hitting IMDB to check.)

Then Juliet would walk in and just swoon over his triumphant manliness, in a fashion disturbingly similar to someone who’s been roofied, and Romeo would deliver some awesome line like “Thus scorned was your solemnity to-night, this villain through your blood is proved aright.”

Because it’s fucking Shakespeare, so it has to be in iambic pentameter. And, you know, basically incomprehensible to most people.

But the basic point is this: people are becoming incapable of recognising success by observing they are themselves successful. They have to see it through the failure of others. More frequently, through the suffering of others.

And the easiest way to be around some suffering is to just flat-out cause some.

Essentially, marketers are working diligently to let you down, over and over again. They promise you something, then sell you shit that doesn’t deliver.

Over, and over, and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t do this because their goal is to make you suffer or keep you down.

It’s just the only way they know they’re succeeding. They have to see others fail.

It’s pretty sick, really. But you also have to understand that this isn’t because they’re horrible nasty evil people: it’s because they’re damaged. They don’t understand anything that isn’t competitive, and they don’t understand that their success doesn’t require anyone else’s failure.

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