Here’s A Radical Idea

Stop and take stock of things.

If you’ve been trying to succeed in the internet marketing game for any period of time, you’ll have amassed a collection of products over that time. Put them all in one place and look at them.

That’s a lot of shit, isn’t it?

Probably cost you a lot of money.

Have you made that money back yet?

Probably not.

So why not get started?

Begin by putting all of your products in categories. Start with the things that you just plain couldn’t do for one reason or another, like something about offline marketing that says “go to all the chiropractors in your local area” but you live somewhere that doesn’t have chiropractors. Or something about CPA marketing that says “get an account at this network,” but you live in Pakistan and they don’t let people in your country join.

Now take the rest of your stuff, and separate out the things you wouldn’t do. Like if you have something about going to nursing homes, but old people give you the creeps, so you’re not doing that. Or something about buying and selling cats, but you’re allergic.

Now you have a little collection of products about things you could and would do.

So go do them.

Go through all these products and find the one you think is going to fit you the best. Then do it. Give it a full thirty days. Don’t give up or walk away or try something else. You’re going to apply just this one thing for thirty days.

At the end of that thirty days, you should know whether you like this and it works. Pretty much anything you apply for thirty days is going to work, so the real question is whether you like it.

If not, go back to your could-and-would pile, and find the next product you think would fit you the best. Give that one thirty days.

Now, if you run out of products, go back through your stuff you wouldn’t do, and ask yourself whether you just need to grow the fuck up. Old people give you the creeps? Come on.

Once you’ve stripped that pile to the bone and tried everything you can, go back through the stuff you couldn’t do, and see if maybe you can change it a little. No chiropractors? Okay. But you’ve got something in your local area. Dentists. Veterinarians. Cattle ranchers. Is there something in your local area where you can apply the same approach?

If you go through all of your products and try everything in the could-and-would pile, but you’re still not satisfied, you do not have the mental attitude necessary to run a business. Go get a day job. There’s no shame in that. Plenty of people have day jobs and work their entire lives in them. They’re perfectly smart, capable, and worthwhile people. If you’re not the “own your own business” kind of person, that’s okay.

But chances are you’ve got a collection of things you could and would do, and one of them is going to work for you. Stop whinging about it and do it.

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