Lying Liars Who Lie

When I posted my big shit-fit about all the lying cocksuckers in this business, I was pretty surprised by the people who were offended about it, since I was speaking almost exclusively about people who made me a promise and then made some stupid excuse not to keep it.

But I hit a lot of people I regarded as innocent with that salvo.

Some of them were angry, and came to me spitting bile about how I didn’t do my job and tell them about my upcoming launches, so it’s not their fault.

Others were hurt, and came to me plaintively asking if I was sure I didn’t want them as friends anymore just because they didn’t mail for me.

It took me a while to figure out that what was happening here was that these people felt guilty, because even though they didn’t promise me anything… they still felt like they should have done something.

And what absolutely nobody seems to have gotten is that I’m not angry at individual people. I’m angry at this piece of shit industry that has taken good, decent, honest people and made them into dickheaded fucktards who say “I can’t mail for your product because you don’t have any EPCs.” No shit, dumbass, nobody can buy it yet. EPCs are zero and they’re going to stay zero until 1 PM Eastern on Thursday.

And I don’t blame those people, because they started out good people. It’s this Goddamn industry that does it. It’s the relentless pursuit of cash over all things that turns these people into retarded shitheads that say “I’ll help you!” and then say “oh, sorry, I had something else to do that made me more money.”

That’s why I didn’t ask for your help, fuckwad. You had better things to do. Then you offered, and I said “hey, that’s great, thanks!” – except I get jack shit because, gee, you had better things to do. So did I. In fact, I have pretty much always got better things to do than sit around waiting for someone else to do a fucking job that they’re not doing.

If you’re one of the four people who volunteered to do something and then repeatedly said “haha, I’m sorry, I had to go make money” – bear in mind, I’m not angry at you personally. I’m angry at the pattern. I’m angry at the common thread that binds all of this together: this shithole of an industry. I understand and accept that occasionally someone will offer something and not follow through.

But four fucking times?

If it was the same person, this is where you start saying “thanks, but no thanks” when they offer to do shit. But it’s not one person. It’s four people. Four entirely different people doing entirely different jobs for entirely different reasons.

That’s not the people. It’s something else. It’s where you have to stop looking at names, and you start looking at patterns. How are these people alike? What do they have in common? Because it’s not the individuals that are the problem, it’s the class of people they represent.

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