Perry Marshall’s Five Stages Test

So today I’m browsing through my email and find something from Perry Marshall, which points to a blog post, which rambles extensively until getting to a bunch of stuff he tells his friend to do.

And this one in particular got me thinking:

A story of 2 major personal victories from each of the following: childhood; teen years; early adult; recent adult. Tell what happened and what made you feel GOOD about it.

This is different from the crap I usually see. The rest of his advice is pretty much the same crap as always – basic “finding a niche” stuff. Jobs you’ve had, hobbies you’ve enjoyed, groups you’ve joined. That sort of shit. Everybody talks about that stuff.

But this one’s different. This is about personal victories, and not just random things you did. It’s not “I got a library card because I didn’t have enough money to buy books.” It’s something more meaningful.

We often miss that aspect in our niche selection. It’s not enough to be good at something, or to have an interest in it, or to have expertise in it. One of the most powerful stories you can tell – and all marketing, at its core, is storytelling – is the story where you come out the winner.

Especially if nobody expected it. The hero’s journey. Local boy makes good. Even better, redemption – everything was awful , terrible, no good, and very bad; then this awesome shit happened and holy fuck, look how cool things are now.

I sort of need that at the moment. I’ve had rather a dearth of victories lately, and I’m being kind of spiky and bitchy and just a little bit childish about the whole thing. (A bit! A bit! Just a bit. I have got a wart.) So I’m going to tackle this assignment myself over the rest of the week, and we’ll see where it takes us.


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