Privacy And Business Don’t Mix

I don’t understand what the fuck is wrong with some people, but they seem to have some stupid idea that you can start a business and keep your involvement a secret.

It doesn’t work that way, shithead.

Do you know who wants to conceal their involvement in a business?


Do you know why?

So process servers can’t hand them a lawsuit.

There are a bunch of other things criminals do, too. They make big grandiose promises, for example. And they use high-pressure sales tactics to make you “buy now” instead of properly researching the product or service they’re selling. They tend to make a lot of noise about their guarantees. They like to use fake names, pictures that aren’t really of them, and “signature” images that aren’t really the way they sign their name at all. Because it’s probably not really their name, anyway.

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “but I’m not a criminal.”

Nobody gives a shit if you’re a criminal. They only care if you look like one.

Don’t look like one.

If your identity is buried under a series of shell companies linked together in a complex web of subterfuge and misdirection, it doesn’t matter whether you are a terrorist, you are acting like one – and the authorities are going to crawl right up your arse and set up camp.

Do you know what the government tells people to do when they’re thinking about buying a business opportunity? This:

Do a few internet searches by entering the company name, or the name of the company’s CEO or president, and words like “complaints” or “scam.”

Now, go do that for some high-profile products. Pick them yourself. Notice how the sites that pop up for “complaints” and “scam” and “ripoff” are… well, usually ads for those products with an affiliate link at the end?

Do you know what that’s for? It’s not just a long-tail SEO strategy used by affiliates, although it certainly is that. It’s also a way to shove less-savvy sites off the front page – sites that actually do have complaints that your product is a scam and you ripped them off. And on some level, you have to wonder whether the people promoting this as a “long-tail SEO strategy” aren’t just enlisting willing dupes to be their patsies in that process.

Remember last week? “My customers don’t know! They’re stupid.” That’s not just something people know and don’t bother trying to fix… in many cases, it’s actually part of their business strategy.

Do you want to know one of my secret weapons in the fight against shithead marketers that try to fly under the radar?

Search the internet for the guy who “signed” the sales page. That’s all; just they guy. Not the company. Not the product.

Normal people leave footprints. And with increasing frequency, you’ll find those footprints going back more than a decade. You’ll find pictures of the guy in compromising situations. Maybe nude photos, or Facebook tags of him drunk and passed out at some party, or even worse.

Seriously, nobody these days can grow to adulthood and start up a business without leaving posts on a forum or having a profile on Facebook or something. If you can’t find a name, at all, except for the sales pages and marketing materials… it’s probably fake. And that doesn’t necessarily mean anything; I used a “fake” name for twenty years. Then I got a legal name change, and now it’s my “real” name.

But throughout all of that, you could find my name and my opinions all over the damn place – because I’m a real person, not some bullshit cardboard cutout manufactured for a marketer to hide behind.

If you’re not up to anything, you don’t need to hide.

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