Stage 4: Recent Adult Victories

This is really the only area I have enough clear and distinct memory to talk with any detail about how things made me feel.

When my son was born, I promised my wife that we would move out of our shitty apartment and into a real honest-to-God house before he was one year old.

I was running my own software development company full-time at this point, but things weren’t going well. She was skeptical. Especially when we started looking for mortgages and all the terms were just insane. So, ultimately, we rented. Which was the smartest decision, the market being the way it was, and so many people getting completely screwed these past few years with mortgages.

That was a defining moment. We had a yard. A fence. A driveway. It was the first time since living with my parents that I’d ever lived in, you know, a house. A real one. Always apartments before that.

It felt like everything was finally going to be okay – like I had my own business, my own house, my own family. It was a great time in my life. We’d ultimately leave that house, close to six figures in debt, when my business collapsed on itself. But that doesn’t make it any less memorable that we made that milestone.

The other major victory was several years later, when I hooked up with Mike Carraway for a JV.

We took a product I’d done in the past, extended and enhanced it, then launched it as a WSO for $8,500 in sales the first week.

That’s the point where I first realised, this can be done. It’s possible. I can, in fact, make thousands of dollars overnight with an ebook and a few videos posted on the WSO Forum with a $27 price tag.

The pressure is really off once you understand that. Once you know you can just pull $40 out of your pocket and make a couple thousand, life gets a lot easier. It stops being about the money.

It starts being about what you want to do.

You realise that “make money” isn’t a goal any more than “pay taxes” is a goal. It’s just that if you want to get where you’re going, that’s going to take money, just like when you make a certain amount of money you have to pay taxes.

And that changes everything.

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