System Sixty Updates

There’s been some speculation about what I’m doing now that System Sixty is cancelled.

Let me clarify that a little: the System Sixty ebooks through Mooshpay are cancelled.

I’m moving the series to physical books through Amazon. Probably publishing through Lulu, potentially through Vervante. (Vervante l0oks like maybe they can bundle DVDs into the book on demand, so I can add video training.) CreateSpace is an outside possibility.

This was always part of the plan. I’m just dumping the “stupid ebook” portion of it. I was thinking about doing Kindle books, but then I had a few conversations with Brad Gosse about his Chronic Marketer book.

The blunt reality is that nobody respects ebooks. And given their long history, it is looking like nobody ever will. You get no authority, no respect from an ebook. Any dickhole can cut a PDF on their computer.

So there’s no Kindle version of Chronic Marketer, because Kindle versions don’t matter. They don’t mean shit. Sure, you can make some money with them. Sure, you can get a customer base that way. But nobody will know your name, OR the name of your stupid ebook.

They just have “this ebook by some guy.”

So when you say “I’m so and so!” nobody knows who the fuck that is.

And when you say “I wrote XYZ!” nobody knows what the fuck that is, either.

The best you can do is “I’m that guy who wrote that ebook!” and nobody fucking cares.

True story: I was on TalkMarketingNow one night, doing my show, and I said “hardly anybody can teach writing effectively.” And someone said that maybe I couldn’t, but he had this ebook that did a really good job and had great examples. And after insulting me for being such a complete retard and not knowing about it, he finally dug up the title – The .357 Article Method.

You know the punch line to this, right?

I fucking wrote that ebook. Two years ago.

See how far it got me? That guy didn’t have The .357 Article Method by Caliban Darklock. He just had this ebook by some guy.

And when you think about it, that’s all you have sitting all over your hard drive, too. Sure, there are a few people you know. I’m quite aware of the ebooks I’ve bought from Teresa Miller, Tanner Larsson, Mike Carraway, John Ritskowitz (RIP), Eric Louviere, and a whole slew of others. But do you know why?

Because I know these people. Like, personally. I didn’t buy their ebooks off a sales page. I was in a chat room with them and they said “hey, I just released this new ebook.” So I went and bought it, frequently without even knowing what it was about. Because they were my friends.

Did we become better friends when I bought their ebooks? No. Do I remember the names of the ebooks? No. I remember the subjects. Wait, I remember John Ritz called his The Six-Figure List. I bought PLR to that one. And I remember it because it is the single finest ebook I have ever seen in my damn life.

So I’m not doing this ebook shit anymore. Because of all the ebooks from all the people that are sitting all over my hard drive, I remember the title and author for exactly one of them… and, unlike most people, I actually give a shit about those things.

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