Time To Get FAT

So here’s the thing you should ought to be doing: get FAT.

There’s a flip side of SLIM fucking Slim Jim that obviously exists, and finding one is like winning the Goddamn lottery. So you can’t really plan to go out and find people like this to work with… you have to just be one yourself.

And that flip side is Fat Jack.

Fat Jack isn’t selfish, lazy, ignorant, or mean. He’s Focused, Active, and Tribal – F.A.T. Which means instead of thinking about what’s in it for him and how he can do less work, he’s thinking about what he does and how he can make it happen… either by himself, or through things other people are already doing.

That’s a key element. You can’t control other people, and other people suck. If you want something from other people, they’re not going to give it to you, because they’re selfish. You can’t expect them to work harder or better, because they’re lazy. If they don’t already understand what they should be doing, you can’t explain it, because they’re ignorant. And even if they don’t need to give you anything or work any harder or learn more about shit, they’ll actively avoid anything that might make your life easier because they’re just plain mean.

So what you do is just throw shit in their path and walk away. Maybe they pick it up, maybe they don’t, but you don’t fucking care because it’s not like they care about you anyway. You can’t say “hey, I know, I will go around putting this in people’s path so they pick it up.” They will only pick it up if they have a reasonable expectation that you don’t give a shit whether they pick it up.

Which means you might drop it in their path, but that’s just a casual thing. You’re going to generate your primary sales and traffic and income on your own. And then they’re going to come in and promote for you because they want some of it. They don’t want to share their traffic unless you get more than they do.

What’s in it for them? If it’s not as much as there is in it for you, then fuck you, buddy. You are getting more benefit. You have to pay extra. I’m sorry, are you new at this? Then you are going to have to pay 100% commission, because without my traffic you have got jack shit. I’ll let you have the customer list, because I’ve already got it, but fuck you if you think I’m letting you have some of the money. That’s my customers’ money.

That attitude is pervasive. Nobody will help you. Nobody will “team up” with you. You’ve got to lead a tribe and let it form behind you. But in the end, they’re not on your side… they’re on their own side. And they will desert you in a second if you show signs of weakness.

You’re the chief. They’re just savages. Never forget that. They will turn on you.

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